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I started this business to create something for myself and for people with the same issue I experienced with being a tall woman. Growing up, I always knew I was different from those around me; I was always the tall kid with big feet. Although my mom loved to take me shopping, we had a tough time finding clothing that was long enough for me, so often, my jeans would flood, and I always had to get shoes from the men's department. 

Hence, this significantly affected my self-esteem as a little girl causing me to lack confidence in myself as a young lady. I often felt like I did not fit in with the other girls in my age group due to my height and shoe size. As I got older, I began to wear too-small shoes just to fit into the stylish shoes. However, I realized that if I am experiencing this issue, others are impacted by this same problem, and I wanted to embrace who I was as a woman, not hide it. Therefore, I created MERKA Distinction to give girls and women like me the ability to feel confident and beautiful in their clothes, heels, etc. regardless of height or size.  

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